Martha Slawson Family Tree

Richard Slawson*


b. 1585

Anne Angell

b. c1589



He was born and married in Southwark, England .

Children (There were probably others)

i. George

b. c 1616

d. c Feb. 16,1694/95

m. ?

George Slawson





d. Feb. 17,1695


He was born, in Lynn, England and died in Stamford, Conn. Came from Southwark, England to Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1636. He moved from there to Stamford, Conn. in 1642. He was active in local and state civic affairs.

The name of his wife is not known.



i. John


d. Oct. 16,1706

m. (1) Sarah Tuttle

(2) Elizabeth Benedict

ii. Elieser

b. February 9, 1642/43

d. May 1698, Stamford, CT


iii. Hannah

b. c 1645

d. January 27, 1729/30, Stamford, CT.



John Slawson

m. (1) Nov. 19, 1663 in New Haven, Conn.


(1) Sarah Tuttle

b. 1642 d. Nov. 17, 1676

d. Oct. 16, 1706

(2) Elizabeth Benedict of Norwalk, Conn.

Sarah Tuttle was murdered with an axe by her brother Benjamin Tuttle. He was hanged in 1677

Children (1st wife) Sarah Tuttle

i. Sarah

b. January 20, 1666/67

d. January 11, 1733/34, Stamford, CT.

ii. Jonathan

b. July 25, 1670, Stamford, CT

d. November 19, 1727, Stamford, CT.

m. (1) Mary Waterbury

iii. Elizabeth

b. January 30, 1672/73, Stamford, CT

d. May 11, 1711, Stamford, CT


Children (2nd wife) Elizabeth Benedict

iv. Mary

b. April 21, 1680, Stamford, CT

b. Stamford, CT

m. Joseph Slawson, December 25, 1707, Stamford, CT

v. Thomas

b. March 11, 1681/82

d. March 30, 1710, Stamford, CT

A. Hannah

b. March 12, 1685/86, Stamford, CT

d. young


Jonathan Slawson

m. (1) Feb. 4, 1699

(2) Jul. 11, 1711

b. Jul. 25, 1670

(1) Mary Waterbury

b. March 20, 1679/80
d. May 12, 1710

d. Nov. 19,1727

(2) Rose Stevens

b. Oct. 14, 1683

Mary Waterbury was the daughter of John Waterbury of Stamford, Conn. Rose Stevens was the daughter of Obadiah and Rebecca (Rose) Stevens of Stamford.

Children (1st wife)

i. Abigail

b. March 8, 1700/01, Stamford, CT

m. SAMUEL WEBB, December 8, 1729, Stamford, CT

ii. Mary

b. January 20, 1703/04, Stamford, CT

d. March 15, 1724/25, Stamford, CT

m. Peter King

iii. Sarah

b. November 13, 1707, Stamford, CT

d. December 18, 1729, Stamford, CT

m. David Schofield

Children (2nd wife)

iv. Jonathan

b. December 28, 1713, Stamford, CT

d. c 1779, Stamford, CT

v. David

b. Oct. 28,1714

d. c 1779, Stamford, CT

m. Eunice Scofield

vi. Rebecca

b. September 7, 1716

Samuel Bishop, March 25, 1736, Stamford, CT

vii. George

b. April 8, 1718, Stamford, CT

d. c 1778, Stamford, CT


David Slawson

b. December 28, 1713 in Stamford, CT

d. c.1779 in Stamford, CT

Eunice Scofield of Stamford

b. October 9, 1707 in Stamford, CT

They lived in the eastern part of Stamford, Connecticut. (Now known as Darien.) They may have moved to New Canaan a few years after their youngest child was born as they were recommended to membership in the church there in 1758, by the pastor of the Darien church.


i. David

b. August 18, 1735, Stamford, CT

d. May 15, 1805, Warwick Twp., Orange Co., NY.

ii. Jonathan

b. February 28, 1736/37, Stamford, CT

d. d. August 31, 1820, New Canaan, CT

iii. Sarah

b. August 8, 1739

iv. Eunice

b. September 16, 1741

v. Ruth

b. March 1, 1743/44

vi. Rebecca

b. May 22, 1746

vii. Mary

b. November 15, 1748

viii. Martha

b. Feb. 27, 1755

d. Mar. 12, 1836

m. Samuel Callender

Much of this information on this page taken from a booklet written by Willard Callender his wife Ruby Callender. Ruby was the genealogist of the Callender Family Association for many years.

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