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This section of the website was created to feature information about the Callender family. The Samuel Callender Association, started by Nathan Callender, has met nearly every year for the last century and a half.

The first reunions that I attended as a young person were enjoyable events with planned games, swimming and other activities. There were many more in attendance years ago than in recent years as the average family size has shrunk and people have moved away from the area. While this is unfortunate, the lack of interest in spiritual things in younger generations has greatly diminished the strength of the family and its spiritual health that so characterized previous generations.

Most of the information about the Samuel Callender family was taken from Samuel Callender Revolutionary War Soldier from Virginia by Willard Douglas Callender (1902-1987)

Samuel Callender Revolutionary War Soldier from Virginia

If any family members would like information about reununions or other information email Alan Gelatt at

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