Dayton Home and Miscellaneous Family Pictures

Home of Annie May (Carrington) Dayton and William Horace Dayton - North Harpersfield, New York
They had three children: Alice, Kenneth and Newell (More Pictures).

William Horace Dayton

Annie May (Carrington) Dayton and William Horace Dayton
Taken right after their wedding about 1890.

Annie May (Carrington) Dayton and William Horace Dayton with baby Alice

Alice Dayton at 10 months

Alice Amanda Dayton Picture taken around 1900.

Alice Amanda Dayton

Alice Dayton

Alice and Kenneth Dayton

Alice in North Harperfield, NY

Newell Percy Dayton - Alice's brother b 1898 d 1904
Newell died at age 6 after falling out of an apple tree on the farm and rupturing his appendix. The doctor operated right there in the house but he didn't live. They said he was such a nice boy.

Kenneth Wilsey Dayton - Alice's brother

Kenneth Dayton

Annie May (Carrington) Dayton, mother of Alice and Kenneth Dayton

Picture of Daytons
Tall man on the right is William Horace Dayton and next to him is his wife, Annie May (Carrington) Dayton. Alice and Kenneth Dayton are seated on the ground. The others unknown.

Picture of Daytons
Front: Elsie Dayton (wife of Warren Dayton)
Middle Row: William, Annie and Kenneth Dayton, Warren Dayton
Back Row: Benjamin and William Dayton (grandson of Plyment Dayton)

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