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This site was created to share with relatives and friends some pictures and family history. Additionally, there are quotes and links that interest me and might benefit others.

Family pictures go back several generations on both sides of my family. Any relatives having family stories to share are invited to send to information to me and if appropriate, I will include them on the website. Thanks to Dawn Lewis who provided pictures and helped identify people and places in many of the Dayton and Carrington pictures.

Some of the family names mentioned on this site are: Alverson, Burman, More, Callender, Carrington, Dayton, Gettel, Jasper, Kohler, Love, Nichols, Sternberg. Pictures of many from these families are included in this site.

Visit the audio page to listen to the music and a recording of Irv More telling a bit of family history and some fiction.

Occasionally portions of this site will be updated as I receive more information or find time to make changes. I hope that you take some time to browse around and find the content enjoyable and the site worth revisiting.

New section added to site ... visit the new Callender section.

Click here to have a look at my sister Dianne and me after a snow storm in PA in the late 50s. You may find this history of the pioneer preacher Nathan Callender interesting. Click here to view the Lewis More family members present at Lewis and Julia's 50th wedding anniversary. These pictures were taken of the Jonas More House at Cooperstown New York. Jonas was the son of John More, one of the first settlers in Delaware County, New York.

Click on the picture below to learn more about Daniel Tennant's latest feature painting. After entering his website click on the feature link.

I created Dan's website a few years ago and am updating it whenever he completes a painting. While you are on his website visit the gallery of prints for sale. You can order your print directly from Dan. We have a copy of each of his prints on our walls at home. They bring back fond memories of the days we lived in rural upstate New York.

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