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The section contains some Christian songs that are not well know as well as a few of my favorites. Eventually a few traditional folk songs may be added.

The guitar recordings were done by connecting my Larrivée guitar to the computer using the guitar's built-in electronics. The software used is freely available. Audacity configured with dll file LAME v. 3.87 was used to record the music and generate the MP3 files. Not very sophisticated, but clear enough for the listeners to learn the tune.

In addition to music, there is a monologue by the late Irv More.

In the Autumn of 2006 I was invited to attend a classical guitar fellowship where several individuals demonstrated what they had learned to play. Most were using the Christopher Parkening methods book. Since attending the meeting I purchased a both of Christopher Parkenings methods books along with the Mauro Giuliani 120 Right-Hand Studies and the Andrés Segovia Edition of Twenty Studies for the Guitar by Fernando Sor. I am using the Giuliani book daily, but am not ready to tackle the Fernando Sor studies. Also, I purchased a Spanish made Alhambra 4P classical guitar and am quite pleased with it. Eventually I hope to sell the Larrivée.

I do not intend to upload any more music until I become much better than I am at present. Although to date I haven't had any formal training I am hoping to get some professional classical guitar direction soon. In about six month's time I have worked through most of the material in Parkening's volume 1 and have started on volume 2.

Last Update: Sunday, May 13, 2007
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