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Around 25 years ago I was involved with the youth of 1st Baptist Church at Afton, NY in directing the annual Thanksgiving dinner put on by the youth for the senior citizens of the church. The traditional Thanksgiving fare was prepared by the members of the church and served by the young people. The food was always excellent. After the dinner, usually there were a few special numbers sung by the youth and then a time of sharing.

The older folk were asked to share some experience that might benefit the youth or anything that might be of interest to them. Every year we came with the expectation of a story by Irv More, Bob Howe, Henry Abbink, Phil Comings, Pastor Caruana and others. Some of my favorites were stories told on each other.

After working the family farm many years on the hill east of Afton, Irv and his wife Glenda left the farm to serve under Wycliffe missions in Guatamala. One of the things enjoyed by the Guatamalan's were Irv's story times.

Upon retiring from the mission they resettled on the farm where they maintained a large garden and kept a few animals. Irv was particularly interested in unusual fowl and for a while kept a wide variety of birds. He also had sheep and kept a donkey in the pasture with them to protect the sheep from dogs and coyotes. A few years ago, due to poor health, Irv and Glenda moved into housing in town provided for the elderly.

Most of the older folk (including Irv) that enjoyed the harvest gatherings have graduated to glory. Whenever I listen to Irv's stories I am reminded of the many folk that I had the privilege of knowing and those times together.

One Saturday afternoon years ago, Irv agreed to allow me to tape some of his stories. He thought that he would give some family history, mix in some fiction and then give the tapes to family members as a gift. That Christmas quite a few tapes were given to family members.

Since Irv More was a distant cousin, I thought that it would be a good idea to make this recording available to visitors to my web site. Some family history is given, but eventually one detects that the history is developing into a bit of fiction.

Since the stories are about a slower paced time, please take some time and sit back and relax a while. It will take a while for Irv to tell the stories. Enjoy!

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